Academic Tutoring - Patient and caring customized private tutoring
Alan Steif, Ph.D. specializes in tutoring and educating high school, middle school, and college students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, statistics, accounting, finance and economics. 

He provides focused and intensive instruction and assistance in these subjects. He tutors students at all level including learning disabled as well as high performing. 

Alan also tutors veterans through the Vocational, Rehabilitation, and Employment program at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
In addition to a career dedicated to tutoring and helping students succeed, he has taught at major universities including New York University, Syracuse University, Strayer, and Rutgers. He has also worked for cosmologist Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University.
Dr. Steif is also experienced in applying mathematics and computer technology in industry having worked at developing mathematical models for Wall St. As a result of his professional experience, he is familiar with the demands and needs of working professionals and can provide customized training in the mathematical and technical skills required for corporate professionals.
Feel free to contact him anytime at:
Phone: (732) 322-0711
Location: Central New Jersey
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